so does it grow cold my friend
picking the bones again
digging through the wreckage
hoping to toss your pain my way but…
i hardly think it would change a thing
this darkness again has settled in…. for the night

unhand my closet
you’ve no right to go in there
it’s only true when the pain feels good
you try to act like you understood but
my skeletons left here long ago
spit a curse to the pain but where’d they go

you talk to strangers
nothing could be stranger to me
there are too many fools in command
don’t know exactly where i stand but…
i look at you and it melts away
so blue so bright on this endless night
drown my fears in the pool of your eyes
bend these bones to your will and command
wish we could try to build again
i swear this time i’ll let you in
come on in
join me in this darkness
share with me this madness

jason hausman

©1997 Orpheus Arts/ASCAP

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